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WWGC has partnered with us on several projects and I am proud to say that the program goals have always met our expectations of deliverables. WWGC brings new ideas through its cohort of young women leadership and youth empowerment. Furthermore, it continues to build a movement with women of all ages.
Dr. Geeta Mehta President and Founder of Asia Initiatives & Professor at Columbia University
For me, this leadership program was productive and insightful. I now have a clearer vision on how to implement my environment and social justice sustainability goals. I was educated to understand and lead the gender equality movement and I am proud to be a feminist.
Tabish Salim D. University of Chicago
The mission behind World Women Global Council is empowering global communities by bringing women to the forefront defining success and family values at its core. I am very proud to see this global platform of women helping each other.
Dr. Nafis Sadiq Highest ranking women in the UN. Special adviser to Secretary General.
World Women Global Council has been significant in contributing towards best practices and leadership by collaborating with international advocates/policy makers and state guests. Their ideas for corporate responsibility and citizenship are admirable.
Conrad Ornstein executive director, The National Council for International Visitors Shaping US Foreign Relations “One Handshake at a Time”
My dear Geeta, Thank you very much for the information you have given on the award of excellence to some one who has provided leadership in field work. I am sure Dr Ajay Parida will be doing the needful. Kindly convey our sincere gratitude to Dilshad. With warm personal regards, Yours sincerely, M S Swaminathan
M S Swaminathan Member of Parliament, India
I have always had the passion to serve the community and WWGC is a reflection of my dreams. I want to leave behind a legacy where the next generation can look at us and proudly claim that their elders did what they could in their time to make this world a better place. WWGC is the perfect platform to do that!”
Warda Zahid Khan President, Seeds of Peace, Mville