• Very few people

    become an inspiration.

    Some of them

    who have inspired us are...
  • Don't stop,because

    hope and resilience never dies...

    ---Marie C. Wilson

    Founder and president, The White House Project
  • More women should demand

    to be involved.It's our right.

    ---Mae C. Jamison

    First African American astronaut, physicist
  • We are not to call for tyranny

    and bans on freedom...

    ---Tawakkul Karman

    Journalist, politician, human rights activist

    and youngest Noble Peace Prize
  • Life does not owe you anything,

    it is your responsibility to make things happen.

    ---Claire Chiang

    Social activist, entrepreneur,

    author and superwoman
  • Women need to learn that nobody

    gives you power. You take it.

    --Ranjana Kumari

    Social activist, Working for Women and Girl Child
  • Join Us,Support Us

    Encourage Us

    To Become the power of change

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