Our Mission

Our Mission:
We empower vulnerable women and  children.
Our Diversity Initiatives:
We focus on 5 project areas complementing workshops and trainings at Local, National and Global level that promote:
Health: We establish clinics in developing regions saving mothers from forced pregnancies to genital mutilation. Our“Health  for Life program” prevents Obesity.
Education & Technology: We establish schools, libraries, technology learning centers to scholarships & mentor our Global Youth Leadership Institute.
Micro-finance: We assist and empower women to achieve financial freedom and educate youth under a “PROJECT 2 PRODUCT” model that teaches practical entrepreneurship skills.
Media Advocacy: We produce awareness and resource-based radio talk shows to engage advocacy-to-action on women/youth issues.
Environment Sustainability: We develop green action projects engaging youth connecting families, schools and community initiatives.
Our Youth Role:
WWGC also mentors its multicultural youth from different schools to mobilize its mission. Executing and organizing projects, advocacy campaigns, developing team building , entrepreneurship and life skills are learnt to transfer and empower women and marginalized youth locally, nationally and globally.
How can you support :             
You and your company can choose to fund and support any of our projects to create the impact objectives you seek from your diversity, inclusion and social responsibility initiatives.
                                                                                TOGETHER WE CAN BECOME THE POWER OF CHANGE

     Contact us at info@thewwgc.org

WWGC is a member of the UN Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact requires companies to embrace its universal principles  It has grown to become a critical platform for the UN to engage effectively with enlightened global business striving for Impact.

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