Adriano Sverko

My earliest memories are of my mother wearing sunglasses to hide her tears. Years later, via deduction, I slowly learned that my half-sister, her only child who stayed back in Socialist Yugoslavia whilst we — first as political refugees in southern Italy then as legal immigrants in New York City — began our fairy tale story in the new world, was killed in a drunk-driving accident. She hid the story from me because to fully appreciate the circumstances, I needed to also understand her first husband was an abusive misogynist who hospitalized her repeatedly. She chose to have me slowly see this man as an unfortunate man, who was a powerful, politically connected businessman, and was part of the reason we had moved to Brooklyn, New York. She did not want me to do anything vengeful when I became a young man.

This influences me today as a business man and documentary filmmaker. I struggle to show individuals as a multi-layered experience and a multi-dimensional, holographic being. This is partly because today, after having worked in 36 countries as a business man and artist, learning seven languages, and living for extended periods of time in four countries, I have seen similarities and differences that fascinate me — within the family and between man and woman. There is not a culture I have not fallen in love with during this experience. I look forward to sharing and learning with this team, helping to manifest a heuristic concrete program.
My Mother is a very strong woman. She has taught me that many times giving up certain thing for a better goal and a promise is victory and as I saw life internationally …many woman sacrificed because they saw the big picture of their life.I am inspired  and honored by being part of  WWGC platform as this will give me an avenue to work for many causes that relate to the success of a family. This global compass for all women will help  men to see how philanthropy and leadership has no boundaries. I strongly support its mission as it reflects the inner strength of every soul.
“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go”. -Sheila Murray Bethel.