Best Practices

The goal of knowledge sharing can be either to create new knowledge by combining existing but different knowledge or to better exploit existing knowledge. Common identity often facilitates knowledge sharing since individuals within a specialist group, who are often believed to share the same absorptive capacity, understand each other better than people from outside the group. The concept of communities of practice has in recent years become one of the most popular tools for enhancing knowledge sharing, even though no one knows precisely how to engage in or cultivate a community of practice. It is said that it is much easer to share knowledge in a community because people really care about their practice, are embedded in the same practice, and, hence, speak the same (technical) language. Personal or organizational networks play an important role in accessing knowledge. The sharing of knowledge is facilitated by a real or virtual network. Without networks there is no opportunity for accessing knowledge. Networks can be maintained by formal or informal face-to-face meetings or—in the latest trend—by physical structures.

WWGC has participated in several national platforms to share best practices taken from field work and research on multicultural demographics shaping the US female immigrant population and the global environment.?WWGC is a regular program developer of and participant in multimodal programming approaches. State guests from Washington under the leadership of North Texas Visitor’s Council have become major partners in communicating best practices and creating a platform for international dialogue. Recently WWGC was the presenter to an international delegatation from the Middle East and Africa, in which government officials and civic leaders participated in this cultural, economic, and educational global exchange. In addition, WWGC has a team of experts and social activists who share the effectiveness of their program by periodically delivering workshops and seminars on issues and concerns faced by school administrators and community interfaith leaders and ways that corporations can become part of the solution.


The Salute to Excellence Award is presented to the nonprofit institution with the best performance in terms of project delivery and funding capacities. This award was dedicated in partnership with Asia Initiatives to honor the vision and mantra of WWGC’s late founders that quality and performance must not be measured by how much we are paid, but that it is the commitment to and integrity of our intentions that must determine excellence. This idea translated itself into the award this year by Swami Nathan Foundation as they give out the award to the best Nonprofit agency in Chennai, India.

Dr. Geeta Mehta of Asia Initiatives will represent World Women Global Council and accept the award as one of our leading Advisory Council advocates.


WWGC President receiving the award for outstanding community service in Houston