Donna Morton

Donna Morton is the CEO and co-founder of First Power, a unique organization that blends business innovation with social purpose, putting green energy technology—and the related jobs and economic benefits—into the hands of communities. At First Power, she builds the social and economic aspects of projects and builds diverse partnerships.

In 2003 Donna was awarded an Ashoka Fellowship and the Women and Spirit of the Crane Award for business leadership through her work with the Centre for Integral Economics (CIE).

She has a track record of more than 20 years developing projects and communications and consulting with numerous First Nations and First Nations organizations, large and small businesses, governments, and NGOs.

Morton is an experienced keynote speaker in Canada and internationally. For her work putting clean energy, jobs, and equity in the hands of First Nations and other communities, she was featured in the international TV series First Power as one of 30 global leaders who use the power of the market to address environmental issues. She was selected as an Unreasonable Institute Fellow for building one of the world’s best social innovation start-ups, and she is also an Ashoka Fellow for her work with the Centre for Integral Economics, which promotes market-based solutions to social and environmental sustainability.

She has been active in the social sector for almost 30 years. She was imprisoned for Greenpeace, built campaigns for NGOs, founded several organizations, and worked for the US think tank Sightline Institute. More recent experiences includes extensive consulting with businesses, governments, NGOs, and numerous First Nations and aboriginal business organizations. Her expertise includes communications, economics, social enterprise start-ups, partnerships, economic development, and filmmaking.  Morton has spoken at events organized by BALLE, Bioneers, and VBN as well as by manyarts, health, women’s, and policy organizations. She has appeared extensively in the media including CBC budget commentaries and has been featured in the Financial Post and the Globe and Mail as well as numerous magazine articles and radio interviews.