Dr. Dilshad Deyani

Dr. Dilshad Deyani is an educator, senior consultant, broadcast journalist, speaker, and the president and founder of World Women Global Council. An advocate and philanthropist committed to promoting women’s rights for more than a decade, she has been dedicated to empowering women and children through media advocacy, education, and capacity-building initiatives, with an approach that emphasizes cross-sector collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation. She has brought together the media, academia, civil society, and the corporate sector to devise innovative strategies for educational delivery. Her focus has been on developing culturally appropriate, multimedia methods to enhance transition assistance and support immigrants in becoming productive members of society. Her work, whose global extent reaches as far as Pakistan, India, Africa, and the Philippines, has received recognition from both civic and media organizations.

As a United Nations correspondent and cross-cultural consultant, Dr. Deyani is a nationally active speaker who has addressed representatives of state from around the world on solving social issues through innovative and technology-driven resource capitalization strategies. She has presented her research to high school and university educators across the country. A consultant to numerous local and national organizations, she has lent her expertise to projects ranging from designing libraries and classrooms to creating micro finance structures in developing countries, establishing mentor programs for victims of abuse to creating research-based media modules. Her national talk show collaborates with  civil society and corporates to empower women and families through culturally aligned information and resources. She serves as the vice president of the Dallas chapter of UN Women and is a member and speaker of Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society in education.

Guided by the simple philosophy that once women are given basic human rights, gender rights will follow, Dr. Deyani’s goal for WWGC is the empowerment of women across the globe at the most basic, human level.

Reigning Queen Mrs. Dallas 2011–2012