Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is essential to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, especially poverty reduction. Changes in the size, rate of growth, and distribution of populations have a far-reaching impact on the environment and on development prospects. The largest population increases and the most fragile environmental conditions are usually found in poor countries, which typically have limited financial means and the least adequate political and managerial resources to address the challenges. This threatens sustainable development and produces further deterioration in living standards and quality of life. Environmental crises, including those brought on by changing weather patterns, have the greatest impact on the poor in developing countries. Attaining the goals of the Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), especially universal access to gender-sensitive and quality reproductive health services, will help to achieve a more favorable balance between population and available resources.

WWGC is a global, cross-functional group of advocates, philanthropists, civic leaders, environmental experts, and corporate green champions whose goal is to identify and promote sustainable environmental practices. The council is composed of representatives from the functional groups responsible for key areas related to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We believe that when we engage communities we can realize our goals of

  • Climate change/carbon reduction
  • Energy and resource conservation
  • Education and awareness
  • Research

Our efforts to protect the environment are based on our understanding of the complexity of the natural world. Women workforce recognizes the importance of conserving biological diversity—the rich variety of life on Earth, its ecosystems and species, and the ecological processes that support them.

WWGC shares the global goal. We believe in corporate responsibility and in engaging businesses as partners in programs that ensure our mutual success in creating a world in which harnessing energy sources is compatible with an environment that is clean, safe, and healthy for our families.

 WWGC wants to assist you

in your environmental policy and corporate green team commitment.

Please inquire about our Corporate Gold Environment Seal program.

  • We also lead workshops and afterschool projects and help students create, explore, and address issues within their communities and connect with resources to find solutions.
  • We work with city mayors to assist them in creating green communities and collaborate with various social agencies from education to small business that engage in productive dialogues and find coherent solutions for local capacity building.
  • Your ideas are welcome—from technology assisted programs to field-based initiatives.