Our media empowerment

For the last seven years, our empowerment talk shows have benefitted immigrant populations, especially women who have learned how to seek resources to develop better decision-making skills. The empowerment talk shows are broadcast in regions of the US and Canada. To access shows and podcasts, log in wwgc to empower

The shows’ has aimed to connect specialists and scholars from around the country to help establish a real forum where the exchange of best practices and dialogue across cultures is possible. The empowerment talk shows, which combine research and aligning it, has proved to be one of the most successful elements of this module, described as life-changing experiences by our listeners.

The media initiative also developed an outreach arm which connected women in difficult situations with social service agencies provided free or sliding-scale services. In spirit, WWGC has always created programs that believe in increasing impact and raising the bar for its target audiences. Dialogue and collaboration with several civic organizations and their representatives helped to create a synergy between multicultural communities who confront and address challenges and the providers of resources and professional advice who tailor these for effective delivery to the target audience of women as well as families in general.

Interviewing Dr. Nafis Sadiq, the highest-ranking women in the UN on Gender Development

Celebrating the holidays with seniors and recording how they feel and the challenges they face without families. Our volunteers baked cookies and play musicals.