Sanjukta Das

3725_10151089962142443_255844567_n.jpg 2When you give a girl the chance for a better life, she moves into confidence and learns to overcome challenges like violence, poverty, and gender stereotypes. As a deeply philanthropic person I see myself in a role of empowering women to overcome barriers. WWGC cradles all that I envision to do. I am inspired by the pivotal work WWGC does by its outstanding commitment and record of contribution to improving the lives of women and girls.” Sanjukta Das is also an International Art of Living Teacher, in Canada, and it is this responsibility that allows her to understand the dynamics of the community very insightfully. “Whether it is India or North America, women need to shine in a nonviolent environment, and WWGC pioneers in this vision”

Having worked in her prior role as a Job Developer for women who have experienced domestic violence or been through turbulent relationships, Sanjukta Das started responding differently to “women” in general. She soon assumed the role of inspiring them to be articulate, work on and achieve their own goals using creativity, enthusiasm, out-of-the-box thinking and dynamic leadership . She recognized her great contentment in encouraging these women to excel, define and reach their goals by working through their barriers in a systemic way. She soon recognized that although a new immigrant herself, she could be a pillar of strength to other immigrant women. A role that she still enjoys. She feels very enthusiastic in delivering her role as WWGC regional co- project director of Canada and make a lasting impact.
In her present professional role as a Placement Advisor in Humber Business School, “My mission is to help my students recognize and reach their highest potential. I do this by providing quality training, facilitating meaningful and empowering experiences and connecting through sharing personal stories and experiences. This helps them to recognize the choices they have in their lives and the power they have to make those choices to create positive changes in themselves and the world around them.”
Her interests have merged with her passion which has enabled her in her latest discovery: to create empowering events for women in Toronto. She has been an acclaimed Rabindra Sangeet singer from Bengal, India. A television artist, solo stage performer, and now currently a lead singer of The Art of Living Foundation’s Live Satsang Band in the presence of thousands of members of this global family and the founder H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shanker. She has hosted Chat Shows in the Canadian Television,been an announcer of social events, Indian classical music conferences, international trade shows and a script writer & voiceover narrator to two international photographic salon.