WWGC and Kitchen Craft arrange and conduct “The True Spirit” workshop

WWGC and Kitchen Craft arrange and conduct with the help of the locals by providing training module and resources for
“The True Spirit”workshop in conflict prone and disaster struck regions by empowering teachers from marginalized public schools and poor communities in the actual zone sites.

Nadir Ali’s Drawing

Nadir Ali age 12 has drawn a doll.My first thought was that he has drawn his brother or sister,but when i asked him he said this is my doll….I asked him if he liked to play with dolls…and quite offended he said no!This is a very special doll….. my teacher in my village gave it to me for coming 1st in class.There was a lot of emotion in his voice..he loved his teacher Mrs Afshan.The doll is in his village and he knows its safe as he locked it in a trunk and went back once to check if it was there.

Kalid’s Drawing

The second picture was made by Khalid a 14 year old boy.I asked the kids to draw there surroundings now…the camp…what they like,what they don’t like etc.Most kids drew the truck full of ration that comes to give them food….sent by the government.They anxiously wait for it because it comes every 45-60 days……and now they have not seen it for a long time.What i found extremely interesting in this pic is the attention to detail.If you look at the close-up of the truck you will see color coded items….they are:

  • Red are chillies
  • Purple is tea
  • Blue is sugar
  • Yellow is lentil
  • Brown is cerelac
  • Green is atta

He has drawn his tent and a car in which him and his brother Raza are sitting.Right above you will see that he has drawn a plane which he sees so often flying by when he lays down…he has drawn it from the position he sees it…he even lay down and showed me!

Saiba’s Drawing

The third is when again from my first day at the camp drawn by Saiba a 10 year old girl.Her picture relates to mostly unpleasant memories of the past.The house is her nani’s who is standing at the door.She was always very mean and nasty to her mom and did not let them enter her house even though her mom really tried.Her nani hated her mother for marrying her dad.In the pic she and her mom are going to nani’s house.her mom took some flowers for her nani,but nani is standing at the door screaming telling them to go away.In the middle of Saiba and her mom is her baby brother(bhai)who died when he was 7 months old.You can see a parrot sitting on the tree.It was her parrot….but her dadi took it.She misses it a lot..then she says…it started to rain and they lost there house and were rescued and brought here.