WWGC community-based workshops and weminars in the US

WWGC community-based workshops and seminars in the US are offered in several cities to create awareness about and advocate around issues faced by immigrant women related to domestic violence, immigration, and human rights issues.

WWGC collaborated with financial institutions to provide immigrant women with tools to understand basic financial literacy.

These workshops provide women with basic skills in budgeting and resource allocation. They also learn how to manage checkbooks and why is it important to know the financial health of their homes.

What are the symptoms of financial control, and how can one avoid manipulation?  Discussing things logically and laying grounds for healthy dialogues. This project with immigrant women gave them confidence and helped them become better home managers as they begin to participate in financial decision-making and become aware of potential hazards of not complying with certain regulations in their new country.

A series of workshops were held to help women understand why credit cards can become a liability if abused without concern for interest rates and their net worth.


A partnership awareness program by WWGC on human trafficking with Mosaic Family Services

WWGC radio shows have been part of media outreach with

 community advocate and speaker Brenda Bird

Why women need to voice to bring policy change for their families


 South Asian Marrow Association of Recruiters where WWGC participated in a bone marrow drive and produced radio interviews for survivors and donor seekers in NY and NJ