WWGC microfinance banks for village women in India in collaboration with Asia Initiatives

These microfinance banks provide women a strong hope for realizing their potential by giving them the power to change things. The banks redistribute these loans with the help of local auditors and financial institutions who not only monitor payment cycles but also guide these women on how to develop better financial strategies for future projects. The women learn basic skills and become mentors for other women and families who seek new opportunities. In this particular project the women designed a project to buy a van so their children do not have to miss school due to weather conditions. The van could also be used for seniors who need it to go to nearby doctors and dispensaries during the day. The women learned to drive and took turns driving to meet community needs.

Other projects under the umbrella of Asia Initiatives:

Micro-venture grant for a sanitary napkin project in Puducherry, and Kutthavarapatti SHG in Kannivadi with MSSRF

Village knowledge centers with MSSR

E-learning module for disadvantaged students at the Bombay Club

Computer center for women in India

 WWGC Microfinance projects for widowed and abused women

Established microfinance projects for women through Akhuwat (the largest and oldest microfinance institution in Pakistan) with mentorship from Seeds of Peace Youth Ambassador Warda Zahid Khan. Seven women were given loans to start their small business, ranging from sewing clothes to auto parts. The amount was 80,000 PKR. The project also entails follow-up case studies, including the women’s sense of empowerment and the challenges they face as women doing business.

Warda Zahid, Khan Youth Initiative Team Leader for WWGC from Manhatanville College, is following their story and will present financial and social analysis reports to WWGC on a quarterly basis.