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The Truth in War

When the world is at war, we often view the situation as an “us vs. them” scenario. In order to make sense of what is happening people are dehumanized in the eyes of the opposing side. It is normal. It is natural. It is this mentality that allows us to continue on with life without the guilt of harming another’s weighing us down. But has this harmed too many for too long? Has this angered vision and rage left many unknowing and incapable of realizing the truth of human loss?  Simply stated- yes!
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Fearless to Fight

Once a small and pudgy kid that was taken advantage of, Andrew Samaroo now walks confidently through the Manhattanville hallways. From the time that he began the first grade, students knew that Andrew was intelligent, receiving the top scores in class. It was at that point that they became envious, both threatening and calling him names, demanding that he complete their homework assignments. For seven years he tolerated the harsh ways of his peers. But it was in the fifth grade that he felt he n
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