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Donna Morton’s mission: reconciling prosperity, social justice and environmental integrity

Donna Morton, founder and executive director of the Victoria-BC-based Centre for Integral Economics, has been passionately working on environmental issues for a quarter of a century. “I started thinking in terms of stopping things going wrong, stopping destruction. It was the work where you’re basically saying no to things that are harming people in the planet,” says Ms. Morton, who was an activist with Greenpeace in her youth. “Somewhere around 10 to 15 years ago, my wor
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Power to the people

For “economic artist” Donna Morton, sharing power in its many forms is essential to a healthy community. Donna Morton imagines a scene taking place in the near future in the Hesquiaht community on Vancouver Island’s west coast. A wind tower, adorned by local carvers, stands tall behind the beautiful new school in Hot Springs Cove. Its turbine churns slowly and silently. On the shore in the tower’s shadow, the entire community watches a barge retreat, slowly and silently, to the horizon. It carri
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